• Virtual Gym Unique

    The only technology that reduces visceral fat to build muscle as proven by MRIs & fatty liver sonographic reports

    The Virtual Gym emits the motor nerve blueprint signal that resonates with motor nerves transmitting the information of unstoppable strenuous exercise to the brain. The brain responds as it does during a workout, by releasing thyroid & growth hormones. Hormones signal the fat cells to release their contents which are utilized as an energy source to build muscles. Virtual Gym targets 24 body layers from visceral fat & deeper muscle to subcutaneous fat, superficial muscle, lymphatics, cellulite areas & skin.

    A treatment is like a month in a gym!

    The Virtual Gym, induces 1000 8 secs full contractions of large muscle groups - abdomen, chest, legs etc, that exercise together in a synchronized fashion via hormonal simulation.

  • iRevive Skin Repair

    For Youthful Healthy Skin to Repair, Brighten, Left & Rejuvenate Skin Layers

    IREVIVE & IREPAIR rejuvenate & thicken the delicate tissue under the eyes, lift sagging muscles & repair all layers of skin. The skin radiates from within with a natural youthful glow. Stretch marks show instant improvement. The technology was developed out of molecular biology & cellular regeneration research initiated in London and Cambridge Universities.

    Emits electrons to rejuvenate your skin

    The IREPAIR series can drive stem cell extracts into the skin without needles based on the mathematically proven fact that at certain low energies, electrons control & open up the ion gates of the cells.

  • Thermal Massage Bed

    With Powerful Water Pressure to target perfect spots.

    It massages the entire body with heated dressed, it utilizes patented nozzle spray, auto spray pattern, 6 water pressure levels ranging from gentle to intense, and non-toxic silicon mat; it is a product with performance level that is significantly better than the existing water pressure massage machine. The comfort given by the extraordinary massage is beyond imagination.

    Advanced Korea technology

    The Aqua bed is a dry-type massage machine, where you can receive massages fully dressed. It massages the entire body with heated dressed, utilizes patented nozzle spray, auto spray pattern, 6 water pressure levels ranging gentle to intense

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